Rejuvenate Your Entire Body          
      Inside & Outside!

The Infrared Sauna Rénu Room... Benefits that are proven to

give relief, results &  relaxation. All just a door away!

Many skin issues, psoriasis, acne, anti-aging, muscle & joint pain,

weight loss, detox, stress, depression, cell health. The list is endless...

1 Sauna Session....................................$25
    (1st time receive session at 1/2 off)

7 Sauna Sessions...................................$130
    (value: $19 per session)

12 Sauna Sessions.................................$180
    (value: $15 per session)

1 Full Body Detox Wrap Sauna Session........$40
    (Must have 2 to 3 current sauna sessions prior to this treatment)
    ** Add a Detox Body Wrap to any Session for just $15 **

Substitute a Sauna Session with a little kick of Vitamin D and Color with a
Tanning Session.

Also, 1 family member may receive 1 complimentary Sauna Session during your month membership.

Q & A about our Rénu Room Infrared Sauna...

How often, how long, and what temperature can I use the Sauna to achieve the best results?
You can use the Sauna daily depending on your own body and how your body responds.  We recommend

to start your time at of 15 to 20 minutes, maximum of 40 minutes. Temperature from 110 to 140, depending

on your own sweat and comfort level.

What type of conditions will the sauna treat?
There are several benefits when using our Sauna. Skin issues, acne, psoriasis, muscle pain, joint pain,

weight loss, detox, anti-aging, seasonal depression, depression, fibromyalgia, blood pressure, Vitamin D,

cell health, the list is endless.   We have a full information book for you to view with all the proven benefits.

What do I need to know and expect before, after and during a sauna session?
Drink plenty if water before and after each session.   Keeping your body hydrated is important.  If you work

out before or after, keep it light.  Water or plastic water bottles are NOT allowed in sauna.  If you need to

replenish during your session, step out of sauna.  No alcohol before or after a session.  Relax, reflect,

listen to music, read a book, or simply shut down and meditate.  It is not uncommon to not break a sweat for

the first few sessions.  Sweating depends on your body and toxins.

What do I need to bring to sauna session?
Nothing.  We will supply lemon water, towels, terry wrap if your prefer.  We also supply everything you will

need for your detox wrap session.  There is chromatography lighting for you to choose depending on your

mood.  Magazines, books, music are all waiting just for you inside the sauna room.

This service is meant for those that have used our sauna 2 to 3 sessions within a weeks time.  Using our specially

formulated detox mask,   This service is wonderful for detoxifying impurities from within.  Skin feels and

looks amazing, along with benefits of cleansing body of water retention and many other results.

Ask about our
“Cellulite / Toning Cream” for your daily regimen
Rénu Full Skin & Body Care for All Skin Types